BOO-tiful Potions

The Wonderful Witches of Bomb Cosmetics have been slaving over a hot cauldron preparing a variety of B00-tiful potions to  arouse your haunted house with spiritual scentses… 


An artistic blend of Morning Coffee mixed with our Limited Edition Spiced Pumpkin and a healthy dose of Whipped Cream to top it off

Now we’re not sure if you know this, but there’s a drink available at a sort of well-known coffee house that does this Pumpkin Spiced beverage which is classed as the ‘Falls Official Beverage’.
Anyway, we hear it’s kind of a big deal in like the whole world. So in true BC style we’ve done what we do best and decided to bring the taste of fall in to your home in scent form. We won’t blame you if you schedule in a sick day so you can sit by your burner and just breathe this scent in all day long. Living. The. Fall. Dream.

A warming blend of Amber with fruity notes of Raspberry Ripple and calming Delicate White Tea

A mystical blend created to cast a spell over all who breathe in this magical brew, relax as your mind is spirited away in a comfortable cloud of pleasure!

We feel relaxed just reading that excerpt. Dreamy.

Simple Sugar & Spice Doughnuts washed down with a glass of Cider

Doughnuts = good. Warm doughnuts with a Sugar & Spice topping = better.
In fact, just thinking about eating one of these in front of a blazing fire, feeling all toasty and loving life with a glass of Cider in hand has given us tingly feelings in our hearts.
Just please make sure you do us a favour before melting this combo of Hotties, ok? Make sure you actually have some doughnuts on hand to nibble/gobble in one so when it comes to melty melty time, you won’t be licking the wax because it smells so damn good.

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Mixers Of The Month: July

Little Hotties are our best and fastest selling product range like, ever, in the history of Bomb. And if you’ve tried them, you can probably understand why; they pack a wild scented punch! And if you haven’t tried them, now’s your chance. With over 80 different scents and endless amounts of recipe combinations, there’s a scent combo out there with your name on. 

Bomb cosmetics little hotties

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Mixers Of The Month: May

Did you know our Little Hotties are our best-selling item, like, ever! We sell over 80 different scents which can be blended together to make your own little recipes. Each box of Hotties contains up to 132 hours of fragrance. Just pop them in the top of our wax melter, put a tea light below, and fill your home with a fragrance uniquely blended by you! 

Bomb cosmetics little hotties


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